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To meet the growing demand for services and further improve standards of care, the unique Aaryan Institute Of Medical Science has been designed such that it combines the technology of Modern medicine with the cultural feel of the local community.

AIMS offer a broad range of medical services covering most procedures and treatments. And with many physicians, sharing and collaborating, you benefit from a unique, interdisciplinary approach to modern medicine. Ultimately it’s our team of experienced health care professionals that make a difference to your well-being.

AIMS is enriched and facilitated by several other ancillary support units including a Dialysis Center and a Digital Radio-diagnosis Center./ These service centers are connected with each other and with the main hospital complex, thereby reducing traffic in patient care areas.

AIMS is committed to the highest quality standards of medical excellence. This Commitment is supported by a comprehensive quality assurance programme, with standards continually monitored through rigorous internal and external audit. AIMS is the only Medical Centre in Kutch to be accredited the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The accreditations we have been awarded, and

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Our goal is to meet the immediate health care needs of people.

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